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A commitment to quality

Because we know just how hard it is to get the best products for the best price.
About us


The Woodpik story started in the year 1986 when we designed quality Spanish-style furniture from timber woods, handmade in a small workshop in Bangalore.

From these humble beginnings, Woodpik Furniture grew to become one of India’s leading furniture manufacturers operating out of a big factory in Bangalore, pleasing thousands of customers all over the globe.

Woodpik Furniture is very much recognizable for its innovative design, outstanding craftsmanship, and quality in functionality and finish.

Woodpik Furniture -makes teakwood and much more Oak furniture was instantly recognizable for its innovative design, outstanding workmanship and quality in functionality and finish.


Enhancing your space

Explore Woodpik for Rich Collection
We at woodpik Furniture specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing furniture, which includes all feathers of bedroom furniture, public area furniture, lounge furniture, chairs, coffee table, eatery cabinetwork, and numerous further. We offer a variety of products that can meet your demands.

We stick to the operation principles of “quality first” and “client first” since the establishment of the company and always do our best to satisfy the implicit requirements of our guests.



Fixtures and finish-Craftsmanship

Woodpik Furniture offers a variety of finished products depending upon your needs and to further enhance each piece of furniture if required

The build

Once the design is finalized, all furniture is handcrafted in our Bangalore workshop where you are welcome to visit throughout the manufacturing process. The final stage is installation and delivery, which is one of the most rewarding aspects of the experience for the entire Woodpik team. Watching each piece placed in the space it was designed for and the joy on each customer’s face is worth every minute of the creation process.

The delivery – our pride, your happiness

We ensure that each piece is installed and set into its designated position, and cleaned, with any final adjustments made before leaving it to you so that it can be used and enjoyed for many years to come.

We see our creations as collaborations

Our one-on-one consultation with every client ensures each piece of furniture fulfils the space it occupies with style, function and quality

The finest furniture handcrafted just for you

We deliver the finest handcrafted furniture made of premium quality wood of your choice for all your spaces and needs. Woodpik uses only the best of woods, handpicked to suit every customer’s needs.

Custom design from traditional to contemporary

Woodpik Furniture offers a diverse blend of traditional and modern design which is constructed to the highest standard, using time honored jointing systems like mortise, Tenon and dovetail joints.